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100 ways to get money w/no job and no computer!

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 in response to Eve75...   What type of money making opportunity do you have?
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 in response to BrokeKid03...   My best suggestion would be a ptc site. Most of them will allow just about any age. Just check up on the one you choose first, to be sure they actually do pay out in cash. Clixsense does pay.
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 in response to sheng...   What types of things do you sell in your online store? And what type do you sell on ebay?
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you can run an online shop, thats what i do, and i make a good amount of money from it :D (you can sell things on ebay!)
i make about $100-$200 a day
i have been selling online ever since i was in the 9th grade, i am now in the 12th grade
and i have a couple of hundred dollars saved :)
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haha :)
water plants and feed animals while someone is r on vacation.
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 in response to billyzeke...   oh my goodness and I have a truck. I might do this!!!! Got layed off again, last month. And I have 2 teenage sons who are lookin for work too, we could do this together. Thanks for the idea. You Rock!
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 in response to Me, Myself, and I...   all the ways to make 2000bucks in a couple of hours are illegal lmao
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 in response to Eve75...   Hi eve interested in the opportunity you mentioned im a Mother of 3 trying to rise above her current level and push forward to a brighter future!
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It doesn't help me too much cuz im looking for like 300$ to buy my own ps3 cuz my bro hogs his.
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Hey Eve, do you still have that money making opportunity still available? If you do please let me know I need help finding some way to get money. I need money to finance my business I'm try to start. Thanks
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 in response to Eve75...   Hey eve, I was wondering what exactly are you offering, im 18 years old with a baby boy on the way, im 6 months in. I have no money, no job,, and no family that can help support me financially. Im trying to get the things I need for my baby and right now it doesn't look promising that I'll get what I need. I live in kingston ny. I would appreciate it if you could help me in anyway, thank you for your time.
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 in response to disabooo...   you really have alot of crazy thing to deal with if you tell me where you are located mayb I can help I live in Roanoke, VA am as poor as you are but there may be something you can do that you just may tell disability help to kiss ur **** and keep
your house and have our pizza from pizza hut too let me know ok
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 in response to fetty...   YES where are you located at we can talk I live in Roanoke,VA
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Me, Myself, and I
 in response to Eve75...   I would like to hear some more info on this topic. This post has caught my eye and got my interests.
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Me, Myself, and I
Anyone got any ideas how to make like $2000 in a couple hours?
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 in response to BrokeKid03...   ask 20 people for 50 cents could be family members friends or go to the grocery store and wait to see elderly women or man or someone who looks like they may need help putting there grocery in there car just tell them your are trying to raise money for yourself to buy you a chess set and you will help for a fee of 1.00 get 15 people and you raised your money
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 in response to disabooo...   Hi, your situation sounds somewhat familiar. I know you said you don't want to sell your home but look on I don't know what town you live in but if you relocate to somewhere like Akron, Ohio there are houses for really cheap. Depending on how much you can get for your home depends on the condition of your home and the neighborhood you live in. I am good in finding homes that are not expensive. One might have to relocate but it beats being homeless. In alot of inexpensive homes there is fixing up to do but then again it beats being homeless.
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spoiled granddaughter
 in response to BrokeKid03...   Ask your grandparents, godparents or favorite aunt/uncle. You'll be surprised. If you ask an adult who you have a great relationship with and they don't have kids, more than likely you will get a yes.
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 in response to Eve75...   Hey do you still have that work and money opportunities available?
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Ok, so I'm too young for a job, I can't expect an allowance because I'm saving up to pay my mom for something I want,
doubt she'll take me to the pawn shop, can't work a mower or clean(i'm no good at it), and i'm also too young
to babysit. How can i get up to $15 in the next week before i go to the beach to buy my harry potter wizard chess set?
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