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100 ways to get money w/no job and no computer!

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Ok, so I'm too young for a job, I can't expect an allowance because I'm saving up to pay my mom for something I want,
doubt she'll take me to the pawn shop, can't work a mower or clean(i'm no good at it), and i'm also too young
to babysit. How can i get up to $15 in the next week before i go to the beach to buy my harry potter wizard chess set?
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 in response to positive thoughts...   My apologies did not mean to offend any one but I responded to his comment towards another person who is trying is best to fix somethings another one messed up, but I also noticed that I have posted ads indicating I have work and money making opportunity and no one has send a mssg asking for more info on this so if any one here is crying for not having money is all because non want to take chance at really having a better future.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Eve75...   Hi there. Could you please not call anyone names. I can see they named themselves that name but don't think it was mean't like that. As for some others working for free. I do. I do volunteer work in my spare time. I work in soup kitchen when needed. Why I do it for free because I have been blessed in many ways.
God Bless you.
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 in response to moron...   WORK FOR FREE!!! You must be a big Moron alright if you need money why would you give some one your service for free and Obama has nothing to do with how the economy is blame it on the other presidents all this mess was here already when he entered presidency . Put it this way what would you do if you got hired to clean up a mess you did not cause and was not able to comply after you said yes I will do it do you feel its fair you get put down saying your incompetent cause you dont do nothing and you know you have tried your best to make it better. stop blaming others for your failures and go out and work to make your money the work is there and so is the money.
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positive thoughts
 in response to disabooo...   Hi there. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I will keep you in my prayers that things will change for the better. This is just a thought when reading your post I had noticed you sew although by hand but if you are good at it how about putting an ad up that you hem pants or sew on buttons on shirts for some people do getting busy and can't find time for that or just don't have the knack for sewing. Just a thought for extra cash.

God Bless you.
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 in response to moron...   i'm glad your name is moron because your obama comment was especially idiotic. in three years he's already begun fixing the mess it took bush eight years to create.
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This is a cleaver idea,wipe people's car at the gas station for 25 cents per vehicles,1,000 car=$250 a day.
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i will work for free. anytime anywhere. Well if I really want to work those seem to be my only options. Since nobody wants to pay to have any work done to their homes these days. I don't blame them. No one hasx any cash to spare these days. It's pretty pathetic what Obama has done with our country.
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Hi I need a any kind of part time job. I need some money to pay my rent. Please contact me. I am international student so it is hard to work outside. Anyone please help mee......
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 in response to ...   hey good idea! how old r u?
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i would really want to help kids younger than me to learn new things by tutoring them but the problem is i have a hard time explaining things sometimes i'll try anyways my shift doesnt start till summer
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When I was out of work, I didn't even have money to eat. This was in the mid '70's (another time when unemployment was the norm - but I didn't know about getting money from being unemployed). So I took advice and picked up cans - got several large garbage bags full and took them to the grocery store to get paid. Too bad they were tin, not aluminum - but they got the highway cleaned for free and I went without food for a week until work started up again. But maybe you can do that where you live.
Also too bad that they have paid people to do that here, but I've seen that some people can actually make a living doing that for themselves.

Now, I'm barred from viable work as I've been fired for "disability". And your list doesn't do anything for me because of this situation - it's not a help to do under-the-table work, when the laws are so rapacious against the disabled. So I garden - it doesn't pay anything, but hopefully it will cover the expense that I've had so far (seeds, plastic and compost), by not buying food.

Also, cutting the heat. I'm ineligible for heat assistance, so I freeze through the winter, but keep enough heat so the pipes don't freeze. I had several very old blankets, so it's hard to roll over - but you can't have everything.

Repair things instead of buying. I've saved my jeans for years. I've cut apart the "too bad to use again" for patches and I sew by hand. I've saved buttons and reuse them. I get alot of glares when I go out, but fortunately I don't go to the store very often. I wear a coat all winter, which also needs repair now.

Sometimes I think I would kill for a Pizza Hut pizza. But there is no money for that, so I make terrible pizzas - well not terrible, just not dripping with grease (which I love). I usually don't get boxed foods, unless there is a very, very good sale. Then I buy alot (as I can afford).

People told me to sell my home. But when you're barred from viable employment, where would I live? So I'm hanging onto my home with bloody fingernails. Though, I might have a garage sale this summer, but I have to be very careful not to sell things that I could use since it's looks like I will never, ever have enough to buy things again. Unfortunately, I will probably lose my home by fall unless I can find a way to survive or if the government wakes up (doubtful). Then it's tent city, I think.

Do without - there's many things that I think many people would classify as "needs" that I just can't afford. Too bad for me.

Be extremely cautious about "free" things. I applied for help from the VR and the SBA when I was getting fired for "disability" - which turned to be a scam and I lost what was left of my life savings to the government "help", as they took my retirement from me. Same thing about the "click for pennies" on the internet, crafting, "researching" companies, medical billing, loans against your home and other scams who want you to pay and then they'll give you "information". NONE of these are viable jobs, they are only on the internet to scam the disabled. It seems the whole world is stealing from the disabled - and according to the insurance companies, they have labeled thirty percent of us "disabled".

It's not enough for the mandated medical bills, dental work, taxes, and things that you can't make. I don't believe any of these begging sites work. I'm thinking of standing at Wally World and see if anyone would give me money. But I'm a skrawny, toothless woman so I can't see that happening either. (Mostly they help young volumptous women or scary men - as far as I've seen).
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mike oxlittle
 in response to ...   You can't use teaching 10 different languages and 5 different subjects to tutor sry that was 26 either dumb ideas or ones that everyone has already thought of
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yoo i live in doral whoever needs me to babysitt hmu at 786 587 2094 for 5 bucks an hour :)
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shaye 1982
my name is sharonda and if yall know anybody that needs there house cleaned or just need help with any please let me know cause i really neede the money my numbers are 252-4820115 or 2523337292
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 in response to MusicLover11...   What is your location? What kind of pet do you have? How long of a time will you be gone?
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Joseph Soden
also in adding i,m in need of housing i have a dog she is house broken and very friendly. i was a handy man and work at a apartment complex please help me get back on my feet i,ll do what i can to pay it back even take out a insurance policy thanks
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Joseph Soden
I,m in need of a loan. ive loaned my cr to a friend and got back parking tickets if i can get a loan to pay them off i can get a job and pay the money back or maybe i can put up the title as coladerial just until i pay it off if i,m lucky i,ll be able to pay it at 100 per week anyone willing to have faith in a man in need please
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 in response to Laura14...   @Laura... I love you for posting this. Even more so for posting the link to the quote you used by Andrew Murray. Been looking for a site like that for a long time. And through your page, God has led me to it. Thanks. He is for God is truly Amazing.
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Try pet/housesitting. Some people will pay you half up front then the rest after they're back. But you're living at their house, take good care of it and try not to break anything.
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