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100 ways to get money w/no job and no computer!

Laura14 started this conversation

Ok, Im going to start this in the hopes that everyone will add their ideas. My hope is that we will reach 100 and some of the ideas will help a lot of people, who never thought of it.

1. Something I have been doing. Clean people's houses. Put a flyer in the rich neighborhood, I will clean your house for a maximum of 3 hours for 60bucks. Make sure you say you will use their cleaning supplies.

2. Pawn shop, that is if you have anything to pawn. (OMG, not the computer, please!)

3. Scrap metal, take it to the scrap yard! they'll pay you (alluminum recycling too)

4. If you have a vehicle, offer rides for 2bucks. (good way to get gas money)

5. Your kids can offer to take out the neighbors trash for a dollar, good candy money.

6. babysitting of course, put an add in the laundry matts

7. Do you have a skill? Offer to teach someone for a price!

Ok, if i think of more, I'll add them, please everyone add yours, and number them till we get to 100! God bless!

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larryco   in reply to drportwood
Help people quit ridiculing them. Help her or him.
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drportwood   in reply to woman in a shoe
haha yeah I just realized that. but it was kinda focused to the entire group... even though its kinda off of the original subject.
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There is no guaranteed recipe for making it in the real world, but I can tell you this, take a cue from your for fathers, they never missed an opportunity and very often made their own.
you most definitely have to be creative and think outside of the box. making money is simple, maybe the simplest of all facets of our lives, so why not approach it that way. start small and with a simple idea and make it grow slowly but surely, and when you start to generate more and more income then you can start looking at some of the more complex intricacies of finance, one by one. I know it can seem daunting, especially when you need it the most but take a breath and realize it's not that hard, I have to tell myself that on a constant basis. set a goal for yourself, like, I'm going to make $10 tomorrow and the next day and the next and so on. and when that starts to become a reality and when it becomes easy for you to do, up the ante, and before you know it you've got a small business in the rough and you can start to tune it and smooth out the edges, make it solider and grounded.
also, while you're in the midst of all this small time money making, do some research for target markets in your area. find out what it is that people need the most and most often and what kind of competition there is and find a happy medium, that may be where you should focus your efforts. once you've built up enough capital invest in yourself and build on that. the most important thing to remember no matter what is you can do it so keep pushing on, it will be tough sometimes and you may even feel like it's not possible but believe in yourself and stay determined and before you know it you'll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. it's not easy, never was and never will be, the sooner you realize this and become realistic with yourself, the sooner you can start building something great, otherwise it will never happen. most people won't help you unless they have something to gain and that's not really a bad thing just good tactics so be aware of that as well, its how we're wired and conditioned today. make sure you do the right thing, don't throw anyone under the bus for your gain. arm yourself with knowledge and motivation and you cant go wrong.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to drportwood
Well the person u posted to not been on here end a year now
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drportwood   in reply to Dana_t_21
you quit your last job because you weren't getting paid enough? hmm. look at you now not getting paid at all, probably not the best decision huh? here's a tip don't ever do that again. only move forward and upward, and if it's absolutely necessary, take a step backward only if it opens a doorway to take two steps forward. there's
nothing wrong with taking risks, you have to from time to time, but just make sure you do your research, make sure its a calculated risk and you stay in control.
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Do you have a skill, like playing a musical instrument or something artsy-craftsy? Check out the adult education center in your town and see if you could teach your skill. My town pays $27 dollars an hour. It's not a living, but it helps.
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Duncan James   in reply to JennyJJJ
Well said Jenny.
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SomeoneToday   in reply to Smh
Kids can be a handful. My first job was at a daycare, where they left me in charge of twenty 5-12 year olds, by myself.

Needless to say, I wanted to quit 5 minutes later.
But 2 1/2 years later I was happy I stuck it out.

Kids are alright. It's really us, the adults, that need to learn how to cope.

I know you're having troubles and I hope things are turning out to be better for you and yours. But if I have some advice to give, it's to give a second consideration to watching kids.

I'm pretty sure you could manage to watch two or three 4 yo children for say 4-5 hours! You could advertise it as Mothers Day Out or something along those lines. Maybe charge just $20 a kid. That would give you $60/day and $420/week and you would have the added bonus of staying at home with your child. Also, if this is your first kid, the babysitting of other kids will help bring knowledge to you for the years to come.

God Bless

EDIT: I just realized the year of Smh's post. Lol! But if anyone out there is reading this, I fare it is a good option for stay at home mothers.
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You could do a lemonade or hot chocolate stand
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you could do a carwash!(always fun)
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Offer your cooking skills to a family for a small fee.
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Become an Avon or Mary Kay consultant and make things to sell.
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If you can afford to, buy a small mobile home or RV and rent it out or rent out a room. You could also lease an unused car to someone trustworthy for a fee. It is also possible to rent out or sell some yard equipment that you do not use. Instead of renting or selling your vehicle, play taxi service for friends. Go to the rich neighborhoods and ask people for their soda cans and bottles. Start a fundraiser and keep part of the money for reimbursement of your advertising expenses.
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Saling frozen cup,candy,chips,small snack, sodas ect
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JennyJJJ   in reply to Grammernatz
You should sign up to be a grammar police. Maybe someone cares about your grammar skills but I can guarantee no one here cares! Go Away!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to 1directioner
Hi I am into electronics I just seen where u told laura14 to take a cell phone a part and take the gold out of it. I am here to till u in a phone compute u want even get a oz of gold out of the 2 together so how is anyone going to a pawn shop and sell any gold
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1directioner   in reply to laura martinez
That's a good idea have u made any money doing that
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8.u can also take apart a Cellular Phone and look fir gold in it and then gI to pawn shop.
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NIFTY   in reply to Dj sha
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NIFTY   in reply to jayney
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